5 Bodybuilding Myths Revealed And Destroyed

Have you ever heard the term “Broscience” before? Broscience is basically a term referring to a brand of reasoning in bodybuilding fraternities where passed down knowledge and information is preferred over science.

Ultimately, it is just advice based on personal experiences and estimations; which is then used to base long term bodybuilding decisions on.  Broscience is not exactly a bad thing either. There is always a great amount of useful and helpful knowledge passed around in the bodybuilding circles as well. One could be giving you instructions on how a certain diet could help you gain the right mass or simply the awesome benefits of Marine Muscle supplements; on the other end someone could be totally misleading you in doing your pushups completely wrong.

Don’t worry! Don’t lose all your confidence yet! In such uncertainty there is only one way to be sure! Science! We will use scientific reasoning to bust some popular bodybuilding myths once and for all. Just so that you can be sure of what you don’t have to do at all!

1.    Cardio On An Empty Stomach

For the longest period of times, bodybuilders from all over the world have and still believe that it is somehow healthier to do a cardio routine on an empty stomach. The myth suggests that cardio while fasting somehow helps you reach elite levels of body fat.


The latest researches on human physiology and anatomy suggests that cardio on an empty stomach has absolutely no bonus benefits as compared to fed cardio! So don’t skip the most important meal of the day for an hour of cardiovascular gain. Eat healthy and avoid the morning blues while keeping up with your cardio chart!

2.    Six Meals A Day

Having six meals a day to ensure stable blood sugar levels and a healthy provision of nutrients to the muscles has long been advertised as industry standard since ages. A part of this reasoning lies in the fact that the human body can only store thirty grams of proteins per day hence a large number of meals would obviously increase the cumulative protein count. However, preparing and eating such a heavy diet can be a hassle and simply hard to follow on a regular basis.

Feel absolutely free in ignoring this myth as scientific research suggests that three to four meals a day can be just as beneficial as six meals a day. Having six meals a day could suit a certain number of individuals with a certain body type but it is in no way an industrial standard.

3.    Big Biceps! Big Brains!

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is that they go to a gym, find the biggest guy at the gym and ask him for advice. The reason is simple; we associate his bigger size and muscle shape to a higher intelligence and assume that the guy must have followed a truly intelligent training program to reach this point.

Sadly, most of the times, it’s just not true. Most of the times, people just do not know what worked for them in their training program. Sometimes, it’s good genes and sometimes it is just plain luck!

In fact, this is how broscience springs out in the first place. The idea is not to reject every advice you get at the gym but to be intelligent about it, verify it first from certified third parties and then make a long term bodybuilding decision about it!

4.    Cardio Is For Other Purposes!

Many believe that if the goal is to gain mass and develop certain muscles, cardiovascular exercises are simply futile. That is not true at all! Could you gain mass without doing a cardio routine? Absolutely! But to reach an optimum level of body performance there is simply no way that you can do it without a cardio routine.

While cardio helps you with reaching better levels of fat in your body, it is absolutely essential for reducing cardiovascular risk, improving general work capacity etc. On top of all that, it greatly improves your recovery from set to set and rep to rep! BlackWolf Workout

Cardiovascular work can also increase your environmental awareness as it promotes nervous system dominance by maintaining a healthy cerebral blood flow while balancing neurotransmitters.

5.    Pushups Have No Long Term Benefits

Many people believe that pushups have absolutely no long term benefits and that their only use is to get a final pump or polish before displaying your guns!

A recent research has shown that pushups; if don’t correctly, have similar strength gains and EMG values as the bench press. Apart from that, it helps build a stronger core and upper body strength. Believe it! If you’re going for the long haul, pushups will serve you as one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal! A little help from marine muscle supplements will work hand in hand as well!

Don’t believe everything you hear. Verify everything with a certified third party and build your body to its maximum potential without inducing any risks!

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