7 common mistakes amateur bodybuilder make pre-work

None of us is immune to mistakes. While we try to stick to a nutritious diet and change our lifestyle for the betterment, nonetheless we often get encircled by confusing phenomenon when it comes to working out at the gym.
Whether you indulge in strength training or workout to build muscle mass, the underlining factor will always point towards the common mistakes everyone ignores. Dianabol

If you want to successfully overcome the most common novice mistakes while at the gym, checkout the aspects you should consider pre workout, below.

Mistake 1: Having No Plan

Nothing can be achieved haphazardly whether it is about losing weight or gaining muscle. Making a plan beforehand is ideal as by creating a road map, you can actually know what exactly to do.
Your plan should be flexible where you can change your routine if the need be. Sudden changes such as an official trip abroad or illnesses should be kept it mind.
Also, most importantly, creating a realistic plan which can fit your lifestyle is the key. Not only will it be easier to follow but you will feel motivated once you follow the correct path.

Mistake 2: Consuming Unhealthy Snacks Pre Workout

Your preparation for the next day’s gym workout commences today! How? In terms of nutritional values.
You should know that your results are 50% workout and 50% nutrition. If you indulge in unhealthy snacking, even 24 hours pre workout, remember that the results will be compromised. Avoid all sorts of unhealthy food items such as processed foods, junk foods, high sugary foods, etc.

Mistake 3: Zero Hydration

What amateur bodybuilders do not understand is that hydration is the key to fitness and workout results. Without enough hydration, you will not only compromise on your stamina and energy but also not allow your metabolic rate to work faster.
The key is to be prep pre workout so that once you indulge in tough exercises, you are fully charged with electrolytes. Drinking up to 10 glasses of water is crucial for all those who are training at the gym. If drinking plain water seems boring, go for natural fruit juices, lemonades, shakes, etc.

Mistake 4: Skipping Pre Workout Meals

As important as not eating unhealthy snacks is, eating a healthy pre workout meal is. The pre workout foods are packed with energy boosting ingredients which allow you to perform better at the gym without trouble.
By skipping pre workout snacks, you are not only starving your body but also going into rest mode, which is bad for your health once you hit the gym.
The best pre workout foods are nuts like almonds, fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, etc. You can also enjoy a protein based meal but be sure to eat it at least 45 minutes before gym.

Mistake 5: Not Warming Up

It is imperative you warm your body up for the tough workouts to follow. By skipping warm up session, you are not allowing your muscles to prep for the strain you will cause them with different exercises. Not warming up can cause the muscles to break, injure and even become permanently damaged.
Warming up allows the blood to reach all the muscles to help the joints, muscles and tissues to prepare well beforehand.
An ideal warm up includes a 15 minutes cardio with the help of treadmill, jumping, stretches, etc.

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Mistake 6: Not taking timing Seriously

Timing is important. While you need to warm up for a specific amount of time pre workout, indulge in pushups for a specific time; just like that taking care of your protein shake’s time is crucial.
A lot of people walk in the gym while drinking their protein shake and immediately start warming up. This is a huge mistake!
Protein shakes need at least 30 to 40 minutes to reach a specific level in the blood. Hence, they should be consumed before hand, otherwise their purpose will not be fulfilled.

Mistake 7: Worrying about the Scale

A lot of novice bodybuilders want to witness the changing of the digits on the scale pre and post workout! This is not how it works.
Everything needs time and so does the weight on the scale. While women want it to decrease, body building men want it to increase to a particular number.
Relax! Let things run their natural course and you will definitely witness scale changing results.
It takes at least 15 days to show results on the weighing scale.
Moreover, sometimes you might not see changes on the weighing scale but your body can appear different. This is because of our water weight shifting, bones being heavy, etc.

Keep these top 7 mistakes in mind and be sure not to fall prey to them the next time you decide to work out!