6 ways to perk up your cognitive abilities

It is common knowledge that like any powerful machine, we need to maintain our bodies in order to increase our productivity and longevity. However, that is only the physical aspect of things. The health of our brain or the central processor per se; is just as important, if not more.

A healthy brain will keep you performing at optimum levels and therefore, it is imperative to maintain the health and the functionality of our brain.

There are other and more commercial ways of boosting our cognitive abilities but research and science have proven that they are not healthy for long term usage.

So here are 6 ways to increase your cognitive abilities!

1.     Listening to music!

One would always think of improving cognitive abilities as a complex sum of endless training sessions and seminars and long, stressful exercises. That is not true at all!

Studies have shown that listening to classical music indeed makes you smarter. This is also known as “The Mozart Effect”. The idea is simple! When you’re exposed to complex patterns of classical music, your focus literally doubles and your brain starts to decipher the beauty that is classical music.

Another important aspect of this practice is the fact that after getting accustomed to classical music (i.e. if you are not already), you will start guessing what’s coming next and that sparks a lot of activity at the creativity center of the brain. So ease back, and enjoy this pleasurable way of boosting your brain power.

2.     Get the sleep you deserve!

Sleep is not just important for our physical state but our mind as well. One would imagine that after all the processing that takes place in the brain during our day, our brain would need rest to reset and revive for the next day.

Ironically, when we sleep, our brain uses the time to process the information gathered throughout the day even more and make sense out of things that we haven’t correctly responded to; or perceived yet. Best Nootropic Supplement

Not only that, but the brain uses this time to solve old problems and you can literally sleep on it if you feel stuck at a cross bridge of decisions.

  1. Engage yourselves in conversations!

Yet again! A very simple, but an effective way of increasing your intelligence! Indulge yourselves in the leisure of conversing with your peers, your families and your friends.

Research has shown that we increase both our knowledge base and our vocabulary while conversing with others and yourself.

Yes, yourself!

Studies have also shown that talking to yourself can actually help you solve problems sparking creativity in your brain; and also help you perceive matters that you haven’t thought clearly about before.

So get started! Socialize and be smarter during the process!

4.     Exercise!

We are all aware of the positive impacts of exercise on our body’s physical state but research has proven that exercise also helps us in matters of emotion and even intellect.

Basically, exercise increases and improves our blood flow which translates to an increment of the supply of oxygen and glucose to out brain.

Exercise has also been known to help in the regeneration of new brain cells and the connections between these cells.

And obviously, exercising keeps our brain to body functions in check as we use our brain to manage different positions of physical coordination during our workouts!

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5.     Challenge yourself!

This is a scientific fact that the size of our brain cells and the connections between them changes with time. The change however, depends on how you maintain your brain!

Another simple method of keeping yourself sharp is to keep on learning. Challenge yourself! Learn a new language, a musical instrument or just read a new book!

There are so many ways to challenge yourself including solving puzzles or crosswords, or even just games that you can make up yourself. It could be something as simple as saying all the words you can think of that end with “ing”, like “thing”, “spring”, so on and so forth.

Even surfing the internet activates the parts of your brain associated with reason and decision making. There is no limit to how you can challenge yourself and be wiser at the end of it!

6.     Gaming!

Yes, Gaming!
Video games are produced in a large variety of genres in this day and age, and not all of them can be necessarily considered healthy. However, a huge amount of games are not only designed specifically as “brain games” but a lot games allow players to use and improve their brain skills to the max

Action games and strategy games are known to improving attention, processing and decision making skills. A player can experience a higher alertness of the situation thus training the brain to do so in real life as well.

Most of these tips are easy, free and without any side effects.

Add them to your routine and be a smarter you!